Different Node ID for same node

  • Hello,

    Does Node ID which I set on the node when I'm uploading code need to be same when it shows in Domoticz?


    Domoticz LOG:

    2017-04-01 13:00:35.251 MySensors: Node: 21, Sketch Name: Plant moisture w bat
    2017-04-01 13:00:35.252 MySensors: Node: 21, Sketch Version: 1.5
    2017-04-01 13:00:36.253 (NRF RPi) Humidity (Hum)
    2017-04-01 13:00:36.256 (NRF RPi) General/Voltage (Voltage)

    Domoticz ID column:

  • Hardware Contributor

    Domoticz lists the nodes as hex imo (and also adds the child number at the end). Have a look at your gateway in the "hardware" tab. It should list the right (the same as in your sketch) node id there.

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