Can I run radio without IRQ on PIN 2? Or have an interrupt on other pins than 2 & 3 ?

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    Probably a stupid question, where the answer will be 'No, you can't', but...

    I'm already using all PWM pins on my project, and I need an interrupt to trigger AC zero cross (project is a multiple channel Triac dimmer).

    So I need PIN3 as a output, which left only PIN 2 to trigger an interruption AFAIK.

    As Pin 2 is used by Radio IRQ --- I think the question here is if somehow Radio can run without IRQ... Or if there is a way to trigger an interrupt on other pin than 2 & 3 (Pro Mini 3.3v).


  • ehm... if good understand mySensors then IRQ is not used ... I also connect IRQ to PB0 but it's free not used pin..
    then don't worry ..

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    As per Arduino PIN 2 is connected to nFRL01+ IRQ PIN... You sure that IRQ is not used?

    EDIT: I disconnected PIN 2 from Radio , powered off-on, and everything keeps working in my prototype...
    So Radio IRQ pin is not used at all? What is the trick here??????

  • ...ehm.. IRQ is good pin , and is possible to use in many option .. but if you don't use uOS or something else then don't need it ..
    if your application will do some other process and don't want check every time if not received new packet then use IRQ..
    , IRQ is used for time critical application .. then need to react very fast for received packet..

    this is my idea..

    MySensor nodes don't need IRQ .. firmware what run in MCU can work in 1Mhz and less .. why use IRQ ..


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    @dzairo Perfect, thank you. I 'm building some triac-based dimmers and need to detect zero cross on AC to fire the triacs properly. I will post the results here.

  • ohhh... by pwm .. very good .. good luck ..

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    PMW for LEDs (on 12V) and Digital for Triacs on AC If PIN 2 is available I can control 3 Leds + 3 Triacs (6 channels in total) with one single chip 😉

  • Ive designed a NRF based mysensor remote with 14 keys, I want to use pin 2 for one of the key. Currently all pin work properly for key but pin 2 does not recognise instead it creates some disturbance in transmission. what i receive on destination node is unexpected. Is it possible to disable use of pin 2 . it looks like mysenso uses pin 2 for some internal use.

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