Sensebender serial gateway: serial port not recognized in Vera

  • Hi,

    I just started with mysensors and wanted to use a nice serial gateway for my Vera. Everything on the Sensebender seems to work fine, based on the serial output when connected to my PC under the Arduino serial terminal.

    When I connect the Sensebender to my Vera (UI7), it is recognized by the Vera (when looking in the Vera over SSH), but since there is no driver for the native USB/serial-port of the Sensenbender (it is not a standard FTDI USB/serial device), there is no driver loaded and no possible serial connection for the Mysensors app on the Vera.

    Doe anybody have a solution for this?

  • Admin

  • If it's not a original FTDI chip vera will not recognise it. I already tried that on v1 of my sensors.
    i had to buy a genuine ftdi(difficult to know that on ebay).

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    @Tmaster, I think @FrB is using a Sensebender Gateway.

  • Thanks for your answers. Yes, I am using the Sensebender which does have its own native usb port of the Atmel ATSAMD21. I will contact Vera to get it working....

    Meanwhile I added a W5100 chip to get it working over ethernet. This seems to be working for now as an alternative to a direct USB/Serial connection.

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