Pump + Relais + Decoupling

  • Hi,

    Picked up the hobby again 🙂
    I would like to build an irregation system with a pump, 4 valves and a sensor to easure the total amount of water in a tank.
    I have found some sketches to help me with the problem. So I hope this would not be the problem.
    I now have tried the relais sketch on my doormagnet (other project), and after a while it will fail (probably noise causes the problem)
    My system is:
    Arduino nano
    radio NRF2401 PA/LNA
    NRF24L01+ Socket Adapter Board
    relais board
    All of this are connected with jumper wires and the arduino + radio are fed seperatly with a charger.

    Before I try to build the irregation system I would like to know if there is a good method to calcuate the size of the decoupling capacitor. And where do I have to put it. Do I have to put it on the 230V side, or also on the 5V (on the relais board)

    Hope too get some aswers here, thanks in advance

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    @Naitsirhc Since you are using the amplified Radio (PA/LNA) with the socket adapter board he decoupling for the radio should be fine. There are a few discussions on the forum on what kind of problems you can encounter.
    First suggestion I have is lowering the transmission energy #define RF24_PA_LEVEL RF24_PA_LOW and make sure you have a sufficient supply (not the on-board ldo of the nano or an FTDI adapter).

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    @Naitsirhc welcome back 🙂

    Whatever you do, DO NOT put the capacitor on the 230V side. Doing that will be very dangerous.

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    Does the relay board have an optocoupler?

  • To all,

    Thanks for your answers. Unfortunatly I didn't have time to check your answers. I will keep in touch

  • Hi,

    I promised to keep in touch.... 🙂

    I have disconnected the radio from the Arduino, so the radio is fed through a seperate stable 5V.
    And also the relais board is fed seperately.
    It runs for a cuple of days and it seems to work well. Time to move on.
    To see if the magnet is working or not, I decided to connect a RGB led. When I connect the led, the board is going bonkers. The led is connected on D5 and D6 and the other side to ground (via a resistor)

    Anybody a clue?

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    Maybe it's not related, but shouldn't you have a resistor for every color pin of the rgb led? (unless you turn on one color at a time)

  • Thanks for your quick reply.

    The led is indicating one colour at the same time. Green for open and red for close.
    I can give it a try to have more resistors connected...

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    I just remember it from the learning kit it had one resistor for every pin of the colors, but I actually don't know if it can cause issues.

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    @Naitsirhc could you describe what you mean by "going bonkers"?

  • Going bonkers is probably not the right word. I actually meant that the owner, and especialy his wife, are going bonkers 🙂
    What I meant is:
    When I connect the led: (red = D5, Green = D6 and the ground is connected through a resistor of 1K.) When I turn on the relay it's answering for aprox. 5 minutes and than it crashes.
    I can only reanimate it by turning off the power

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    @Naitsirhc there are no crashes if you disconnect the led?

  • Again, thanks all for answering

    Until now its working 2 days flawlessly.

  • Unfortunatly the sensor stopped working last night. I have ordered a relais board with opto coupler....
    I will keep in touch

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