Devices are not showing some sensors on the node

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    I just created a node to test some sensors but in devices page I can only see few of the sensors I correctly presented, because in the HW page if I go into setup of the ethernet gateway I can see the sensor node and all its children with the correct values sent. How can I force all the children to show in the devices page?

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    @gohan I have found that in domoticz sometimes new nodes will not show sensors if they have not sent in data. You will see them in the mysensors hardware listing but not on the devices page. Try sending some fake data for the sensor and see if that makes it visible

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    The sensors are showing correctly in the children table with correct data too (I made the loop to send data on every cycle, so I'm pretty sure that sensor data are there)

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    @gohan in the domoticz settings page have you got a tick in accept new devices

    what type of sensors ?

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    you should also see the sensor in the log file if it is sending data

    like below

    2017-05-16 15:16:45.367 (MysenorGateway) Light/Switch (Garage door)
    2017-05-16 15:17:05.370 (MysenorGateway) General/Voltage (House Battery)
    2017-05-16 15:17:05.396 (MysenorGateway) Current (Charge Current)
    2017-05-16 15:17:05.422 (MysenorGateway) Current (Load Current)
    2017-05-16 15:17:07.370 (MysenorGateway) Temp (Batt Area Temp)
    2017-05-16 15:17:11.045 RFLink: 20;4D;Slave;Debug=88 04 00 01 2c 25104;
    2017-05-16 15:17:12.250 RFLink: 20;4E;Oregon BTH;ID=5A00;TEMP=00f6;HUM=49;HSTATUS=1;BARO=03ef;BFORECAST=3;BAT=LOW;
    2017-05-16 15:17:12.250 (nas rflink) Temp + Humidity + Baro (Kitchen)
    2017-05-16 15:17:50.251 RFLink: 20;4F;Oregon BTH;ID=5A00;TEMP=00f6;HUM=49;HSTATUS=1;BARO=03ef;BFORECAST=3;BAT=LOW;

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    I see data updating in children's window. I guess data is coming in. I also pushed button to accept new devices for 5 minutes

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    This is how today (the other day they were not like this) they are seen in Domoticz... I don't know if I am happy to see that Domoticz is smart to consider them as a weather station or on the contrary I'd like it more stupid and let me decide. I know it is a test and not a real life use, but I just wanted to compare the 2 temp sensors on same graph to see if there is a trend in the different temperature measured by them being on the same breadboard.

    PS anybody knows why values are rounded to only one decimal even they are read with 2 decimals?

  • I'm also interested on this topic. I had a mysensors soil moisture sensor that has been working correctly for months with domoticz. I tooko it ofline for some days for some hardware upgrades. The software didn't change at all.

    After getting it back online, domoticz the hardware page was showing the updates in time and value, but the domoticz device wasn't updating any more. I finally decided to delete the device hoping it would be recreated again, but after one day it's not showing yet.

    I have rebooted the full system several times but no success.

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    I haven't found a way yet to restore deleted devices, but what you can to is change the node ID and it will show again as a new device

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    after I rebooted the node now domoticz sees it like this

    I am getting a little confused

  • @gohan Thanks for the suggestion. Yes that's an option but that means erasing the EEPROM and then reflashing. Also, the involved ID number becomes unavailable any more which could an issue with big installations if it happens frequently.

    I finally found the problem in this specific case (inconsistent parameters in the presentation function). It is interesting however that domoticz didn't reflect this inconsistency in the error log when it failed to create the device.

  • @gohan yes it confuses me too. I have a similar situation where my node with 2 sensors is recognized by Domoticz as 3 devices like: Temp, Hum, Temp+Hum.

    Apparently Domoticz is able to recognize that the different sensors belong together, but sometimes, there is a disturbance or bad reception in one sensor message, and then Domoticz creates a new device for it.

    That would not be such a problem, except that you do not know which device to show on the Domoticz dashboard. Personally, I choose the combined one, ignore the others, and live with it.

    I do not know if this is a bug for the Domoticz people, maybe they can resolve this?

    Regards, Michiel

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    I am fine if they get combined but still let me choose individual one: in my first screenshot you can see the sensors are all combined but no individual ones. I think also that playing with child ids could play a role in this.

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