nRF24L01+ Problem in the Receiving.

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    I was new to the forum and i found most of the discussion for the nRF module is going in these forum.I am using the nRF24l01+ module with the TM4C123G microcontroller and configuration is done as per the given information in the datasheet of the both the sensor and controller. Tx and Rx is working fine when no ACK condition but heavy data loss is there upto 20% and another thing if i gave a manual ACK command (W_ACK_PAYLOAD) in the RX side to the TX it was also not working. So,can any help me to solve these issue and provide me some tips to reduce the payload loss.


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    welcome to the forum. What radio modules are you using? How are you powering them? Also please keep in mind that this is Mysensors forum, so your topic may be a little off since most of the time you read about NRF modules here is because they are used for sensors that are using Mysensors

  • @gohan Thanks for your information. I using nRF24L01+ module as my transceiver and using the TM4C123G microcontoller in that i am having a 3.3V pin is available from that powering up the nRF module.Please provide some information to reduce the losing of Packet during RX. I facing these problem in less 5 meters itself, if i increase the distance packet loss also heavy.

  • Imo best site wrt. info on the nRF24 is here. Most likely your microcontroller is not sourcing enough power to the nRF, so adding the recommended capacitor(s) may be first thing to do. If this doesn't help, you may have to source the nRF through a distinct power regulator.
    For MySensors this typically isn't that necessary, because the amount of info is very limited that is sent by a typical node. But if you use the nRF more extensively than MySensors you really have to provide enough power, otherwise packages will be lost.

    The other thing that could happen is kind of a buffer overflow, when data isn't read fast enough from the nRF. (No real idea, how to avoid this; my first hypothesis would be that using some interrupt routines could help. As the nRF was designed for constant audio streams sending higher amount of data should be possibel in the end...).

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    Adding capacitor on the 3.3v is kind of a must; try adding a 4.7uF and increase to 10/47/100uF and see if it gets any better.
    Please keep in mind that there are some cheap NRF24 clones that use a counterfeit chip that have around 5 meters range (unfortunately I got some of those) and if you search around those 5 meters are a recurring problem.

  • @gohan Thanks for the reply.I here attached the my module photo.I not placing any capacitor in my design.I receiving the data more than 60 meter also but only thing is more packet loss sometime glitches also their.0_1496222027258_Tx_Rx.jpg

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    try with some spare capacitors for both sides and see what happens.

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