Temp sensors considerations

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    I have been running 3 temp sensors on the same board for testing: BME280, SHT31 and MCP9808.
    This is the graph of the latest data.
    BME280 is running with a -0.7°C offset because I wanted to compare it side to side with the MVP9808 as it was constantly reporting 0.7°C more then the other.
    SHT31 is constantly reporting 0.5/0.6°C more than MCP9808.
    Accuracy of sensors according to datasheet is:

    • BME280 0.5°C at 25°C or 1°C between 0-65°C
    • SHT31 0.2°C
    • MCP9808 0.25°C typical 0.5°C maximum

    Could I assume the real correct temperature is like 0.2°C below the reported temp of the SHT31?

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