Indexing of child id

  • Hi
    after updating one of my sensors this morgning i have notesehed that this has happend:
    ![alt text](0_1496754032171_1.png image url)

    now i have one temperature sensor and one humidity sensor. Which is nice but not for this sensor.
    Does any know here this come from?
    I did not change the code of the node only the channel number for the RF communication.

  • Mod

    I had a similar problem that one day domoticz decided that my temp/hum/baro sensor, that was once mapped as a weather sensor with the 3 values together, became 3 separate sensors without changing code or whatever.

  • there has been a request for this feature.

    see link:

    I will try to post there to see if they know what is happening, maybe it is a beta feature.

  • Mod

    A beta feature that work on its own 😅

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