Building a LED status

  • Hi all,

    I've build a arduino nano with a RGB LED attached to it, I used the code from one of the projects here to be able to switch the RGB LED to 3 colors RED (pin 1) Blue (pin 2) and Green (pin 3), this is working fine by using my Vera, it sees the three buttons I programmed it in to but I want something more... I would like to have the possibility to whenever I click another color, the other one shuts off, so if it's Red and I click Green, Red turns off and Green pops on. A status would also be nice so you can see in the Vera homescreen which color is activated. Is there anyone that can help me out here with this? My programming skills for Arduino are not that perfect, I normally copy the code and alter what I think is needed but in this case I am a little stuck...

    Thanks for reading this topic!

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  • I know 0.00001 about Vera (i know just the name), but i probably can help you light up an RGB LED.
    Can you post any code you already have running on an Arduino?
    I know there is a S_RGB_LIGHT message in MySensors.. So i guess: it is also known/recognized by Vera.


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