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  • Hi
    Do anyone has any information/progress on MySensors togheter with Vera Edge.

    I was finnaly ready to begin my homeautomation Project with Vera and MysSenors but when try to order Vera Lite my supplier says that it is not manufactured anymore and offer me a Edge instead.

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    How about a Vera 3 on UI 1.5 ? Not sure I would touch UI 1..7 with a 500' pole....

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    You should be fine... people has reported MySensors working on UI7 with some cosmetic problems.

  • Great Hek I go for that one.
    It seams that both Vera 3 and Light is hard to get here in Sweden now.

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    Please let us know how it turns out for you.

  • @hek i tried it 2-3 weeks ago but didn't work for me with ui7. Did you make an update in this period? UI5 itself is from stone age:s

  • Hello.

    I just got my Vera Edge to communicate with a humidity sensor, with concept.
    Using Ethernet gateway, ENC28J60 Ethernet module.

    I did not encounter any problems during configuration. Except in the beginning when i was sure that my Ethernet board was a W5100 type. So many thanks to the people behind this information and for sharing it.

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    @C.r.a.z.y. Serial or Ethernet?

  • @ServiceXp Serial

  • The Vera Edge replaces both the Lite and the Vera3. I tried to grab a dozen V3s from a distributor's last stock, but was only able to get a fraction of that. I do not have an Edge yet, but I would guess it will be UI7 or above only.

  • @C.r.a.z.y. Did you manage to get some Contact between the gateway and Vera?

    I only get the message "Lua Startup Failure Can't Detect Device" on the MySensors Plugin device and on top of the screen I get this two messages:

    MySensors plugin : Choose the Serial Port
    MySensors Plugin[5] : Running Lua Startup

  • Hi,
    I'm new here. Got myself a Vera Edge and now plan to build a serial gateway to get started with mysensors. Have heared that new UI7 sw 7.04 fixed USB problem in Vera Edge. Can anyone here confirm if serial gateway now is usable with Edge?

  • Vera Inc. suspended 7.0.4 update for Vera Edge because they found some issues with remote connection so it's not possible to test it yet :)

  • @anjo
    This is just what I'm trying to do - without success. I'm nut sure it it's a HW or a SW problem, but I have being using MySensors before. Did you do anything special on the Edge?. I'm out of idears - I have the same Ethernet board, a NANO and the radio - have double checked wiring and enabled softspi in the lib.
    What was your main problems?

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