[SOLVED] device_tracker unable to load / known_devices.yaml not found after HA update

  • Hi,

    I am not sure if my problem fits in here or rather to Home Assistant itself, but after an upgrade of HA to 0.48.1 sensor information is not updated, only after restarting Home Assistant once, but with an old value (the one before upgrading). I updated netdisco manually as always to the now correct version (1.0.1). Maybe that is the cause? The Philips Hue lamp is detected and working.

    ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.device_tracker] Unable to load 
    /home/homeass/.homeassistant/known_devices.yaml: Config file not found:

    Do I have to use the device_tracker component now which I did not used before? Is the problem related to netdisco? Creating manually the *.yaml file did not help (of course).

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    The mysensors component will try to load a device_tracker platform during setup. But I didn't think a failure of one platform would stop all updates.

    Is that your only error in the log?

    How did you install home assistant? Is the home path correct in the error log messages?

  • @martinhjelmare Thanks again for your help! In the HA log this is the only error shown. I installed it in a Python virtual environment, the path locations are correct – I called the user homeass 😃

    But looking at my gateway log there seems to be another error, with all sensors the same output:


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    Yeah, the last line in the serial log of the gateway says that it didn't receive an acknowledgement from node 3 when sending parent ID to node 3. Something with the radio communication seems to not work 100%. You can use the debug flowchart in the sticky thread in the troubleshooting section of the forum to try to find the cause.


  • @martinhjelmare I'll do right now, what can be the problem there. Very strange, since it was working perfect for a long time now, maybe an update broke it (HA and Rasbian Lite). I have a fear about radio problems though, to solve them. It must be the gateway, since it is the same for all sensors.

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    Yeah, I would guess it's on the gateway side, and I would guess that the radio doesn't get enough stable power. How are you powering the gateway? In my experience USB power from a regular USB port can often be not good enough. It might work sometimes, but often leads to failures when the gateway should send and needs more power.

    Adding a capacitor is a first step before replacing radio or power source though.

  • @martinhjelmare OK, It was not an update, since when booting the gateway device from my backup drive I have the same radio problem. So I'll have a look onto that. The gateway is installed on a Raspberry Pi 3, powered by the 'normal' micro USB adapter. I could exchange the capacitor on the radio there as a start.

    [EDIT] Solved, just 'touched' the capacitor and wobbled around on the gateways radio, and radio communication works again. Sorry for the confusion...

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