Gateway SD card logging of Node data

  • Hi all,

    I want to have the Gateway save the node data to a SD card. I don't want to run a computer 24/7 as we live off grid and that power luxury is not available. I have the SD card code working on the ESP8266 but I want to capture the data that is usually sent to the Controller to the SD card. How do I get access to that real time data coming from the nodes ?



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    If you had a rpi it would be very easy using controllers or even just node-red. From the gw itself I have no idea, let's hope a developer passes by 😀

  • @gohan that sounds nice...

    Would it be "accessible" to log the desired data onto a seperate SD Card (not the OS one) connected straight to GPIO ?

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    Data can be saved in different database formats that can be used to run statistics directly on the rpi. Why do you need data on SD?

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  • Thanks for "off topic" leads. 😐 Yeah I'd imagine if I was using a RPI it would be quite simple but I am not. RPI for the job seems a waste though. I'll have to see if I can hack into the libraries maybe ?

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    That's why I said that a developer may help, because you would probably need to hack the library a little bit

  • thanks for the help :simple_smile:

  • Hi! Did you manage to solve this issue? I have a similar requirement. I have a set of battery powered sensors on a remote cabin with very limited power supply during the winter. I think I can manage to continuously power an Arduino Mega gateway, but not a 4G router to send the sensor data to my database at home. I think the solution is to have the gateway buffering up sensor data, and then send it once a day or something. (After first powering up the 4G router through a relay).
    I guess I have to hack into the Ethernet gateway code, like you mentioned. But what would be the best place to get to this information. What file/function I should begin digging into? Please advise, if you know the answer!

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