Connecting external power and FTDI adapter?

  • I have a Arduino pro mini 5v where I have attached a couple of 5v sensors. I am using an external 5v powersupply and it is powering the sensors directly and also the arduino from the Vin/Gnd.

    I tried connecting the arduino to a 3.3v usb ftdi adapter without using the power supply to upload sketches and to use the serial monitor and it worked. But how do I power all the sensors from the power supply and also connect the ftdi-adapter at the same time without frying anything?

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    @Cliff-Karlsson Use the external powersupply and connect the ftdi as usual, but skip the power pin. That's it. All ftdis I've seen can handle 5V on rx/tx. If you want to be really sure, check the datasheet of your particular ftdi model.

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    Or use a level shifter.

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