LaraHome (Web Controller based on Laravel)

  • Hello,

    I just want to share my project with you. LaraHome is a web controller write in php with the Laravel Framework. I create this to create my own widget easily and have custom sensor integrate perfectly in the controller. The interface is real time, that means that if someone else switch on a relay for example you will see the animation on the UI without refreshing the page.

    This is still in development and in french but it can be easily traduce in english. If some of you want to be involve in an open source project dont hesitate to contact me. I can help you for everything, if you want to developp a plugin or if you want me to developp the plugin for your custom node, add functionnality...

    Edit: Should i post this here or in MyProject topic ?



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    Nice @tchoblond59!

    Let me know if you want to add it to the list of supported controllers on

  • Hardware Contributor

    that's an interesting project, especially from a "59" guy 😄
    I'm a complete newbie in linux and PHP but I'll try to install it asap to test.

    In the meantime I'm ready to help for French->English translation if it can help get more people interested.

  • @hek Glad to see this but I think it's not enough complete. The controller could handle all the MySensors node but community need to developp their own plugin. For the moment there's only temp and humidity sensor and relay.

    Thank you, i will tell you when i'am ready

  • @Nca78 Great, don't worry there is tons of ressources in Laravel so i can help you.

    I will prepare LaraHome for translation and tell you when it's done

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