Is there any way to make signing faster?

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    I am using signing and whitelisting (the gateway, not all nodes) on all my nodes at the moment as I feel that security really is important. That way noone but me should be able to switch on/off my devices. My problem is that signing used in my RGBW controllers makes them react pretty slow.
    With signing enabled its about 0.5-1s between clicking "on" in domoticz and the light turning on. Without signing the reaction is pretty much instant.
    In most cases this is no problem but with light(switches) I am used to instant reactions so this gets really annoying really fast.

    I know this has to be a little slower because several messages are send back and forth but is there any way to make this faster?

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    @LastSamurai are you using software based signing or atsha204a based signing?
    Yes signing is slower due to the fact that the current scheme require a nonce exchange for every message (not counting the additional computational cost).
    It is currently not possible to reduce the handshaking without compromising security.
    New security schemes are being discussed that would be nonce less but they are not finalized.

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    @Anticimex I am using software based signing on atmega 328p based nodes.
    I guess I'll wait for the new methods then and just ignore the delay 😉

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    @LastSamurai I am afraid so. Or rely on encryption.

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