Attempting communication between OG RPi Model B and RF24L01+

  • So I have been following along with the following tutorial:
    The tutorial has you cloning an older repo, so I swapped that for the newer repo and at at this point I am just trying to get the communication to work between my RF24L01+ module and my RPi original model B.

    Heres what I have tried so far:

    -I installed the TMRh20/RF24 repo, then installed MySensors, wired it up according to the schematic located at:, and ran sudo ./bin/mysgw -d
    --->mysgw: !TSM:INIT:TSP FAIL

    -Same steps as above only ran a config file with --my-transport=nrf24 and reran the make/make install files..
    --->mysgw: !TSM:INIT:TSP FAIL

    -Reinstall everything from scrach, redo the wiring, retest both of the above... same
    -Attempt a new wiring by placing the CE on pin 15 (a common config, so it seems) and ran: ./configure --my-transport=nrf24 --my-rf24-ce-pin=15 --my-rf24-cs-pin=24
    make/make install
    --->mysgw: !TSM:INIT:TSP FAIL

    So... I've exhausted the hardware troubleshooting I can think of. I rewired multiple times and swapped the chip out for my spare.
    The chips are definitely fakes. I purchased these exact ones :

    Do the fake chips just not work at all? Has anyone gotten these chips to work or had similar problems?

    Thank you. I am driving myself crazy trying to get these things to even register.

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    personally I am very happy with these
    The other clones I got at least there were working but with short range. Did you try to use a normal Arduino UNO as gateway? Just to see if anything changes

  • @gohan said in Attempting communication between OG RPi Model B and RF24L01+:

    Did you try to use a normal Arduino UNO as gateway? Just to see if anything changes

    I'll have to try that out, but I don't actually own any arduino at the moment. I usually just used to borrow the ones that were available in some of my classes. I will have to remedy this.

    There is one review of the ebay listing I bought these off where he said:
    "Just note that you have to deliberately set the channel before these devices will work. They must ship in an uninitialized state, and other NRF24l01's that I've bought before work out of the box without needing this, so I almost thought they were defective!"

    Any idea what he means by "deliberately set the channel"?

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    Nrf24 use channels (frequencies), by default mysensors uses 76 if you don't specify anything, so channel is set and you should be covered.
    Btw, at least a couple of Uno or nano are a must to have them available if you want to do Arduino programming

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