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    I wonder what is the difference between using hardware vs software signing. As I understand both methods are compatible and doesn't matter if one node is using hardware signing and other node is using software signing. So what are the advantages of using hardware signing vs software signing ? Is hardware signing more secure ? Or maybe it is less power hungry ?

    I'm asking this question because I have design couple of boards with atsha204a chip but actualy didn't solder it yet (it is hard to get the part in Poland ...), and now i'm wondering do I really need them ?

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    Think about like emulating something via software, you still get same functionality but more computational power/memory is needed

  • thanks, these are the only drawbacks ?

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    Maybe @Anticimex can add some more details.

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    Hardware signing provide read back protection. If a node is stolen that use software signing, the hmac key will be available to the attacker and the entire network will be compromised. If a personalized atsha device is stolen, the programmed hmac key will still be unavailable to the attacker and the network will remain secure.

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