No Battery Level from RFM69 Nodes

  • Hi,

    I have Domoticz running on a raspberry pi with both an NRF24 and an RFM69 gateway. My nodes use sendBatteryLevel() to update the gateway periodically. Domoticz gets the battery level from the NRF24 nodes, but not from any of the RFM69 nodes.

    NRF24 gateway is a Sensebender gateway running the gateway software that came loaded on it.
    The RFM69 gateway is a Moteino USB with RFM69HW running Mysensors 2.1.1 gateway sketch. It has encryption and signing enabled.

    Domoticz sees the RFM69 node values correctly. I have some nodes with signing and some without. All work. But none of them show the battery level in Domoticz.

    I thought I would see if anyone knew about this issue before I start more detailed troubleshooting.

  • Mod

    I'm using the library 2.2 and it is working, maybe you could give it a try

  • Hardware Contributor

    @nagelc +1 on @gohan My beercooler works reporting battery as well

  • Switched to Version 2.2 and now it works.

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