nrf24 antena polarisation

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    I'm not an RF expert so this might be a dump question 🙂 what is the polarisation of the pcb antenna on nrf24 mofules and do I need to conider it when I'm using it with a gateway based on nrf24 pa lna version (like this one ?

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    I think so, my guess is that the end of the pcb antenna should be pointing upwards to have vertical polarization if your GW antenna is vertical. Remember to make a shield on the PA LNA module if you are seeing communication problems with high tx power.

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    odule if you are seeing communication probl

    Yeah, I have a shielding on pa+lna version 🙂 I'm asking this question because I see that the orientation of pa+lna nrf antenna has some influence on communication 🙂 and I have problems with nodes that I move from place to place and those problem are not particulary related to the location - so I'm thinking that they are more related to orientation. So thanks for the answer 🙂
    So if I put the nrf module with pcb antenna in the same orientation as pa+lna module antenna does rotating the module in vertical axis will influence comunication ?

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    I don't have instrumental evidence but again my best guess is that the side opposite of the radio chip is were most likely the EM field is radiated the most, so try to "aim" the antenna side to gateway

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