Neewbie questions about the gateway

  • This looks very interesting, and I have most of the parts lying around. However, there are a few questions I couldn't find the answers to:

    • For sensors that are battery powered, do they trigger some kind of alert when the batteries are low and must be replaced?
    • The NRF24 radio uses 2.4Ghz. Does it work well in locations where the 2.4Ghz WiFi band is so saturated that it's barely usable? Is there a 5Ghz option?
    • It says that if you don't use the Wiz5100 ethernet module for the gateway, you can use the ENC28J60 but with reduced functionality: what is missing from the gateway if you use that second module?
    • What about encryption? Can anyone read my sensors' values over the air, and potentially transmit bogus sensor data?
    • What is the prefered open source controller to run on a Linux server/container?


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    Welcome to MySensors.

    • it's up to you to code that in your sketch regarding your controller if it is used.
    • NRF24 = 2.4ghz. No 5ghz option. it depends on your environment. You can change communication channels in your nrf24 nodes, else there is sub-ghz option..
    • as far as i remember, w5100 ic has the TCP included, so the enc28 needs more resources. and i think w5100 is more reliable etc.
    • in MySensors, there are encryption and signing. it does what it means 😉
    • this is like asking which color do you prefer? I can tell you'll get lot of different opinions 🙂
      on my side I'm using Jeedom for multiple reasons. Best is to compare which one do you prefer regarding your needs. I don't think there is one best of the best..

    little trick.. if you need more explanations, I'm pretty sure these topics are already answered on the forum 😉

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