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    There's something I did not understand in how a Mysensors network should be organised : how can we use various frequencies depending on sensors ?

    For instance, I built my gateway by installing a NRF24 on my raspberry PI (already used for Domoticz) and I have several sensors using also NRF24.
    Now, I'd like to add LoRa radio to handle some sensors which are a bit too far: should I create a second gateway (ethernet gateway for instance on standalone arduino) with the Lora radio, and this second gateway would also be integrated in Domoticz ?
    Or should I create a new sensor with repeater capabilities, attached to my current NRF24 gateway, meaning the new repeater sensor should have both NRF24 and Lora modules ?


  • Afik, the only option is to use seperate GW's.
    There can only be defined one transport per Node. (This has been discussed before wrt to RS485 and nRF24, don't have the link by hand).

  • You could use either option.

    a new gw might be the easiest to do... but you could add a promini with the lora on it an have a 2 wire serial link to a second promini and have that one send data back to the exisiting gw. Either way you are looking at 2 more arduino boards.

    Is the distance too far for nrf repeater with pa/lna modules and directional antenna?

  • Hi,
    Thank you for your replies.
    @skywatch : I'm not sure to understand the setup and the configuration. If you know where it would be explained, I'd appreciate a link with technical explanations (HW+SW setup).

    My target is not to avoid HW at all costs, but more select the easiest & most stabme approach.. If I must purchase 1 or 2 minis or even a raspberry, it's not end of the world (but a mini is more "envionment friendly than a raspberry which consumes more power, I think).

    My main purpose would be to install a garage door sensor on ground -2 of my building while I leave on +7.. so 9 concrete floors in between..I think it's difficult with traditional NRF24, but I admit that I did not try.

    Another usage (well, if the other works, that one is more for fun ), I would install a similar sensor in another garage door which is at approx 500m from my building in -1 flor of another buildin (with a couple other in between) : for that one, it would be to see "if loar really works far away" 😉

    One of my worries is that Lora does not seem to be well documented on this forum/website. I did post a couple questions several days ago, but despite it seems feasible in Mysensors, I got no answer, so I'm aware I might face heavy difficulties.

  • My thoughts were to do as follows.....

    In the garage have a sensor>pro-mini>lora to send signal long distance.
    Then more locally have lora>pro-mini>serial data out to sedond pro-mini2.
    Then from second pro-mini2 serial data in>pro-mini2>nrf24l01+>gateway.

    So 2 x pro-mini with a serial connection back-to-back as a relay.

    But now you have described the application in much more detail I would be tempted to just add a lora gw as it's less bother.

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