A kickstarter project maybe helpfull to make nodes...

  • The kickstarter project Airboard
    A "Shield" with RF24 and most of the node is done?
    What did you think about it?

    ATmega328P processor @ 8MHz
    Peripherals and I/Os
    16-million colors user-defined RGB LED, 2240mcd max, 120° viewing angle
    7x GPIO, 3x PWM, 2x 10-bit ADC, I2C, SPI solderless proto connector
    Up to 18x GPIOs, 6x 10-bit analog inputs or 6x PWMs

    Power Management System
    Autonomy in communication: 6 months @ 1 data/minute
    Autonomy in sleep mode: up to 3 years
    Charge time: 40-60 minutes
    150mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    Built-in lithium-ion battery charger
    Charging via micro USB from computer system or power adapter
    Battery protection circuitry (Over Current, Over Charge, Over Discharge)
    USB voltage, charge status and battery level indicators
    5VUSB/500mA and 3.3V/200mA regulated power outputs for prototyping board
    3.3V/1A switchable regulated power output for wireless shield

  • Hero Member

    I don't know, 25 bucks for just the board seems a bit much to me..

  • Hero Member

    it looks like this has a "cloud programming" such as spark.io, the problem there is to have the mysensors libraries work with it...

    Also they speak of a LiPo battery without proposing it, which weakens the solution proposed... I am searching for a battery operated solution for MySensors and have found none so far...

  • @epierre
    as a battery operated solution I use li-fe battery's they have a lower voltage per cell then lion and lipo so there is no need for any type of voltage regulation witch makes it simple. I just need to watch out not to over discharge the battery, but with 3Ah on a temp/hum sensor that will not be much of a problem 😉

    seems like a very interesting board with lots of function and usefull stuff. But for $25 I would mutch rather throw my own hardware on a breadboard or protoboard or something.

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