which controller for noobs ?

  • Hi
    Looking for the easiest controller to install run configure on a raspberry ?
    What s your opinion ?

  • For me, the easiest controller to install and run is Jeedom... Really easy to install : juste one command line, 1 password to type and 5minute to wait and that's it, you have a full domotic server on your raspberry pi with a amazing plugin store and a mysensor pluggin really easy to configure

  • Thinks
    I'll try it to begin.
    But in fact i'm looking for controller with android extension to remote my home from anywhere.
    Not just locally.

  • with an access of your raspberry pi from anywhere (like "noip" I use), you can connect your android with jeedom and control it. It's what I do for my home automation (with a raspberry pi, a Jeedom server and a noip service)

    And the jeedom's creator are working on an android special app too

  • It sounds perfect !
    I ever use noip for my ip camera.
    What about vocal control from the android app ?

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