Beam Alignment System

  • Dear Friends,

    I am newbie here, I want to develop one Industrial application in which two being has to be checked for parallelism as well level. They are 5m away from each other. Can you suggest me sensor for

    1. For distance Measuring range 3m to 6m and accuracy 1mm and should be robust
    2. For height measurement to maintain level with accuracy of 1mm
    3. Also suggest which controller to use with it.

  • Admin

    I doubt you will find any cheap Chinese sensors that will have the accuracy you want.

    Google "laser distance sensor".

  • Mod

    I think there are forum more focused for industrial automation other than this one,or am I wrong?

  • @gohan I am not sure but i found this forum more specific on sensor. Can you guide me on such focused forum, that would be great favor.

  • Mod

    Well, sure enough we work on sensors but more related to home automation. Industrial automation requires higher quality stuff and usually the sensor types are different.
    About other forum start searching "industrial automation forum" there are some coming out, also I bet there are some in your specific country too. Communities are everywhere 😀

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