Push variable from domoticz to node?

  • I'm new to Domoticz and MySensors.

    I've built a motion/door sensor node that turns on lights in the garage. At first I coded it so the Arduino node in the garage had logic to turn on the lights and maintain the countdown timer. Then later I moved the logic over to Domoticz Event script. Both work but I was thinking if the Domoticz Controller node was offline then my garage lights would fail to work. So I'd like to do a hybrid where Domoticz can send some parameter variables that get stored in the eprom of the arduino. e.g. Light On Countdown time.

    Are variables pushed using V_VAR1-5?


  • Mod

    You could also use like a dimmer control where you can adjust the value of the timer

  • @dmonty MySensors nodes can talk to one another by sending commands to a specific node, so you could move the countdown timer back to the motion sensor node and have that node talk directly to the light switch node to turn on/off the light.

  • @gohan Thanks, dimmer works well.

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