Problem to compile external mysensor exemple sketches

  • Hi guys
    I have problem to compile external mysensors exemple.
    Always mysensors.h error no such a file ...
    I arrived to program basic mysensor exemple but not all.
    Laptop w10 + ide 1.8.5 + mysensors 2.1.1 installed + copy/paste external mysensor exemple to exemple arduino folder.
    Im a beginer so i have beginer questions !
    After installed libraries through the ide library manager there is no libraries folder like with 1.5.4 ?
    I tried ide 1.6.5 r2 ...1.8.1...1.8.5 ...
    Each time when i come to installed librairies for the first time it's like they are ever installed... manager says "2.1.1 installed".
    What about tricks to install external mysensors sketches ?

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    Hello @ludoarchi,

    there is no "trick" to install external examples, you have to copy manually to your arduino directory.
    Maybe you can post an example script that you can't compile, and the errors you get ?

  • when i tried to compile relay actuartor exemple i have this error message : In file included from RelayActuator.ino:40:0:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\Mysensors/MySensors.h:28:32: fatal error: core/MySensorsCore.h: No such file or directory
    #include "core/MySensorsCore.h"
    compilation terminated.
    Erreur de compilation.
    arduino 1.6.5.r2 + librairies 2.1.1 manually copy/paste in the arduino folder

  • i finally arrived to compiled

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    @ludoarchi said in Problem to compile external mysensor exemple sketches:

    i finally arrived to compiled

    Would you mind sharing how you solved your problem ? This could help someone having the same problem in the future 🙂
    Merci !

  • I finally uninstall and re install arduino ide and mysensors librairies ans understand that a i have to open exemple through the exemple in the ide.
    But i still not able to compile external exemple ... like your AcDc double solid state relay with
    Ds18b20 ....
    I always have a message with librairie error ...
    I have difficulties to switch from arduino ide 1.6.5 and mysensors v1 to arduino ide 1.8.5 and mysensors v2 ...
    I don t really.know where to copy librairies and exemples ....
    If some one can help me ...
    THINKS merci

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