Changing from Openhab to, problem adding nodes

  • I've decided to switch from Openhab to, but have ran into a problem. I have an ethernet gateway running on an esp8266 with a temperature sensor connected directly to it. I also have one arduino with two reed switches, and another arduino with two temperature sensors.

    My problem is that HA adds the temp sensor on the gateway and one of the reed switches, but not the other reed switch and none of the temperature sensors on the other node.

    In the log I see error "Node 1 is unknown". Node 1 is the node with two temp sensors. Can I add them manually? All mysensors nodes worked in Openhab and when I look in the mysgw app I can see that the gateway gets the updated values as expected.

  • Plugin Developer

    If a node is unknown it means that it hasn't sent proper presentation messages.

    A debug log from home assistant and a serial log from the node in question might shed some light. Usually this problem comes from messages not reaching the gateway.

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