vera ,the green dead brick

  • hi. my vera just died. i'm changing radios on my mysensors network,from nrf24 to rfm69 and when i connect a new gw with arduino 3.3 volts and new radio, serial port wont detect my gw,so i restart vera. it enters in a restart loop... it already happened a few months after one update, and i recover it by following this steps:

    but now after flash it with sucess (it says), restart,and no light at all. just flash all lights for a second when plug the power cable and then.... nothing.
    no lights ,no response to reset and power in, no response to any ip.
    Happend to any of you already? i think its really bricked and i have to move to raspberry and razberry(zwave shield)

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    @tmaster You'll probably have better luck posting to the Vera forums or sending an email to

    Also, depending upon your z-wave nodes, you may find that the z-wave shield doesn't work reliably with all nodes because it uses a reverse-engineered protocol with known limitations to avoid licensing issues.

  • I didn't know about razberry limitations. i only have fibaro 222 modules(windows outside aluminium shutters). And i only want that zwave module.The rest are mysensors sensors. Since i found them ,now i don't change the fact that i know how they work and how to repair it ,against the fact of buy already made and get happens with vera know!

  • Second support,if it won't enters in recover mode(press reset and power it) its dead(defective unit) . Nice term for;buy another.
    So i'm configuring Domoticz to give a try with mysensors.
    About fibaro zwave devices i'm thinking reverse engenniering vera zwave module and connect it to domoticz. Its that possible?
    Vera lite have the z-wave part at one corner of the board. And its a zw0302(3rt geneneration) and an EPROM. If i connect tx,rx,gng and vcc from the chip to raspberry,i have an zwave shield. Or will not work because zwave firmware on the z-wave chip?

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    @tmaster The OpenHab website has some info about zwave shield(s) and Fibraro device compatibility here

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