Apparently incomplete RFM69HW modules received

  • As my MySensors world is growing, I ordered a few more RFM69HW modules from China. When I set up a new node yesterday, I had connection issues and a closer look revealed that the modules have less components than usual:
    In comparison, this is a usual one:

    Did that ever happen to anyone? Any idea what is missing there? Anyway, keep an eye on your shipments, for me it is too late to go for a refund, as I got a few pairs from different suppliers and do not know who shipped these.

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    Could it be they sent regular H modules? Try to compile this way and see if it works better but of course with shorter range

  • It look like the RFM69W version.
    See the different versions here: RFM69-versions

  • It indeed does. Thanks for the overview, looks different from the HopeRF website (seems to actually be the CW version). Certainly have not ordered that.

    As far as I understand, I am not allowed to user 20dBm in Germany anyway, so 13dBm isn't that bad. Will try to run it later. There are a few nodes close to the gateway for which it will be enough.

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    Ask for refund or partial refund.

  • @gohan Can't, as I said I don't know from which of multiple shipments it came. Only noticed when I used it.

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