Getting IKEA to use MySensors?

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    I was wondering: what would happen if IKEA / Philips / CompanyX said "hey, let's use MySensors to create a whole range of privacy friendly smart home products".

    • Are there any showstoppers?
    • Would a company like that ever want to? Are there examples where a similar adoption has happened in the past?
    • Would they prefer to go with proven standards? If so, could MySensors ever be deposited as an open standard at a standards body?
    • How would one pitch as the advantages of MySensors over other standards such as Zigbee, Bluetooth5, etc.

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    I'm still wondering about this. Was it a crazy question?

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    it's personal view:

    1. No idea, but I don't think so. Even if there were, what would prevent to not declare it..
    2. Like big companies? I don't think so.. because (next answer)
    3. Yes they would go for professional stack. 80-90% sure. Like I don't think there are lot of big companies using arduino for this..
    4. MySensors is open source. You can tinker with a lot of hardware (mcus, sensors etc). No fee needed for registering to a dev Alliance or get a device certified zigbee or bluetooth compatible. One of the easiest rf stack and framework to get started in arduino.
      This last "arduino" point can be seen or not as an advantage. Arduino not being the best toolchain imho.. some mcu manufacturers provide better tools and stacks, for free too.

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    I guess I'd love to see a big player create products that are open to tinkering.

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