FOTA Update and Node Repeater

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    Hello, I don't know if this is a issue with MyController ( @jkandasa ) With MySBootloader ( @tekka ) or my code (@Soloam 😏 ). But when I'm updating my nodes with a new firmware using MyController (MQTT Gateway, doubt that is relevant), the nodes that are far away from the Gateway fail a lot (I can see on the MQTT messages that MyController keeps repeating the same message over and over again), but when I send a normal message it works as intended "all the time". Can it be possible that the Repeat Function (MY_REPEATER_FEATURE) does not work as intended with FOTA?

    Thank You All

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    @soloam Which version of MyController are you using?
    In MyController side, if you are using version 1.2.0 and above, try to disable acknowledgment feature on the gateway page and try again.

    For user application and FOTA, radio libraries are different? @tekka Am I right?

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    Thank You @jkandasa . I'm using 1.2.0 I'll try that. But will that make that if some message get lost that the update process will not try again and fail?

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    @soloam FOTA messages are longer and put a strain on the RF link. If your connection is not good that could translate to some dropped messages resulting in repeated messages, especially with nodes farther away from the GW. You can certainly increase the range and signal quality with a repeater - but that doesn't seem to work in your hands. Can you provide a communication log from the repeater node?

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    @tekka I'll try to do that, it will not be a easy task because all the nodes that I use as repeater are inside the wall at the moment, the ones outside (temperature etc) are all sleep nodes, so I disabled the repeater function. I'll try to get one or 2 open to test it out! That will give a better clarification on what is happening.

    Thank You

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    @soloam AFAIK, MySBootloader will ask repeatedly if some messages lost from the controller. Enabling ack will lead high latency on a firmware update. I may include an option in the future version of MyController as, disable ack for firmware updates.

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    @jkandasa actually, MYSBootloader does not implement ACK handling (due to space constraints), but online FOTA does.

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