How to start with FOTA

  • Hi,

    I hope someone can help me to start with FOTA. I have read this page: But still I am still not sure how to start.

    1. Does a gateway needs to have special firmware?
    2. If you flash a 328p with MYSysController firmware for the first time and there is no sketch loaded, how do you get the skets loaded as the node won't advertise itselfs to the gateway??

    I know how to flash a 328p but I am not sure how to get the sketch on it the first time and MYSYSController does not work with my gateway so I am now trying MyController.

    Can someone put my into the right direction?

    Thanks for helping out..

  • Mod

    No special firmware needed on the gateway, you only need a controller that supports the fota. Once you loaded the bootloader you should be able to load the sketch. Personally I prefer the dual optiboot method as it is easier to manage but it requires an additional spi flash chip

  • @gohan Well that's what I do not like. Is there any documentation arround how to start with MYSysController firmware for the first time?

  • Mod

    Adding a firmware to MySController is easy, you just copy the hex file to the firmware folder then you assign it to a node with a right click. The most difficult part it to have the MySbootloader running on the node 🙂

  • @gohan the problem is that MySContoller does not work. Cannot connect to Gateway. The flash seems succesfull. So I am trying to use MyController.

  • Mod

    what kind of gateway are you using? MySController only works with ethernet or USB/serial

  • @gohan Ethernet.

    9-6-2018 14:57:49 INFO Connected to
    9-6-2018 14:58:07 TX 255;255;3;0;20;0
    9-6-2018 14:58:07 ERROR Error on connect: connection refused (pressing discover)

  • Mod

    That is odd... I have never seen that message

  • @gohan Disabled my Firewall and Virusscanner and now it seems to work 🙂

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