Power One Aurora Inverter RS485

  • Dear all thinkers and clever people,

    Just been pondering over a possible way to monitor my solar inverter using domoticz.

    I have a 3kw power one inverter which are now made by ABB. I would like to monitor the output using the RS485 protocol from the inverter.
    So rs485 wired from inverter to an arduino nano (this will have an NRF radio module attached to speak to my GW). Does anyone know of such a node or similar?
    An other simpler method would be to build a node with a Current Transformer and just measure ac power.


  • Mod

    If you can find a sketch that can decode the serial data from the inverter, sending those values to domoticz is very easy

  • Have you looked at this project

    I think i whould try out included sample sketch to see if the protocol works on your inverter as most of the heavy work seems to have been done and then adapt for MySensors use.
    This should be a quick and easy test only a RS485 module is required and the cable to the inverter.

    You will need to know or set the address of the inverter so the sketch matches.

    Remember if you merge the sample sketch to mysensors you need to change the serial connections from 10 and 11 which are used by the radio to some other spare pins.

  • Thanks both I will try

  • Hi, I create a library with full documentation for this device and I'm going to release a complete web solution.



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