Heartbeat working or not?

  • Hello!

    Anyone here using sendHeartbeat() and can confirm it works with Domoticz?
    I have just build my first motion and door sensor, and I can not get Domoticz to update the "last seen" for them.

    If I read on Domoticz forum @sundberg84 asked for this feature in january 2016, and as I understand it it was implemented in february.
    But in another thread someone else is asking again for it. And this is in september 2017.

    I am running version 3.8153 dated 2017-07-30.

    If someone can confirm that it is working in latest stable 4.9700 I will update my server, otherwise not. I have always had allot of troubles on my previous updates. And now it has been working perfect for a year.

  • Last thing I know is that it didn't work.

  • @denis-renaud may have solved your problem.
    Not sure whether this is related. I don't use Domoticz

  • @sglue Thanks for replying but that does not work in Domoticz. Just as mentioned in the thread. Domoticz only acknowledge that a sensor is alive if it sends new data. Not by sending a status that it has received earlier.

    For now I have solved it by a dummy switch in my sketch that alternates on and off at every heartbeat, but I don't think that is a very nice solution. And I have to have two different script checking my sensors in Domoticz. One for the ones that heart beats is working in (ie X10) and one for my MySensors nodes.