Can I use MySensors without a Controller?

  • Hello Everyone. I am new to MySensors but not to home automation or even automation in general. I have been in the building automation and process control industry for 20+ years. I have experience with DDC and PLC controls. I have deployed "controllers" from Iconics, Delta, KMC, and Induosft. We call them HMI's or Human Machine Interface. Before I moved 9 months ago, I had a system in my house that included some fully programmable Modbus thermostats/controllers, wireless sensors from Nathan Chantrell - tinyTX, and an Indusoft HMI. The sensors talked to a Arduino Mega gateway that converted all their data to Modbus that the front end read over RS485.

    OK, now to my question! I would like to use the MySensors stuff because it seems more robust and has lots of great options like acting like a repeater. Question is can I use this system without having to use a special controller software? Can I setup a router that also acts as a Modbus slave? Has anyone done this?


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    Welcome aboard 🙂 In theory you do not need a controller. You can manuallyt assign ID to individual nodes. And then make a translation of some sorts between modbus / mysensors protocol.

    I don't know if anyone had made a router that can handle the translation between mysensors / modbus though, so you might need to make one from scratch yourself..

  • @tbowmo thanks for the info. So am I correct in saying I can manually set the address of each sensor node (and the "gateway" I suppose) and they will talk to each other? If this is the case, great! I can build out the Modbus part myself. Where can I find documents on what the sensor messages look like?

    Also, has anyone successfully ran a gateway firmare on an Arduino Mega? (I like the extra UARTs)

  • @Tubes110
    Using a Mega should not be a big issue.

    Wrt. to using the MySensors framework without Controller you might look for "node to node communication" in the forum.
    A good starting point imo (starting with this posting):

    You have to configure all nodes with


    as if the controller is not present, the nodes won't enter loop() (100 may be changed).

    Would be keen to see your final code; I'd like to bridge ebus communication to MySensors 😀 , so your code could help to some extend.

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    The serial protocol is described here

    The timeout you mention is only if you do not have a gateway in your system, and has nothing to do with a controller..

  • @tbowmo Thx for clarification.
    As I only use serial GW's, I didn't notice the difference until now.

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