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    Anyone seen this

    in effect a Raspberry Pi image preconfigured with mosiquito mqtt, and node-red software ready to go....

    Amazingly simple to get going if your not a linux person and have a Rpi doing nothing useful like i did..

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    I'm hoping that one day OpenHAB would be as simple as this.

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    Yeah i know what you mean... i have totally struggled to get anything worthwhile out of openHAB ( i really need to sit down for a few hours and have a decent un-interrupted crack at it though )

    i think its coming though.... Have you seen HABMin2

    I was looking at this today and hopefully tonight see if i can get something happening!

    I think using node-red to then supplement OpenHAB...mmmm who knows....

    Bloody nice to have a few options though!

  • I have a project going with openhab and thethingbox. I only use Mqtt with a combination of nrf24l01 and esp8266 modules. thethingbox server is simply used as a catch all for all mqtt messages from sensors or openhab. i parse all the message coming into ththingbox and take action depending on the message. If my door or window sensor is tripped a message is sent to Twitter. I also send temp and humidity readings to thingspeak and my cell phone reports long and lat coordinates to thingspeak so that my lights can come on as I approach the house. My next project is to setup ip cameras and motion sensors and sent pics to drop box.

    Openhab is really not hard, you just have to keep at it, once you get it you will kick yourself for over complicating it


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