• Hi everyone,

    I'm starting to setup an additional network for my nodes that are very far away from the gateway, using the RFM69HW 433 MHz variety. So ive built another serial gateway using an Uno and a RFM69 module (with the appropriate level converters on the NSS, MOSI and SCK lines) and DI00 pin at the D2 uno pin. The gateway log doesnt report any error and starts up ok.
    I had a communication problem with a simple temp+hum node. The node started up ok but it failed to communicate with the gateway. I then forced a node ID to the sensor node and oddly it worked…

    Other thing i noticed is that im not getting internal messages delivered to the gateway, only sensor values defined by MyMessage and which are presented.
    The sketch info sent with "sendSketchInfo" doesnt show on Domoticz side, neither does battery levels sent with "sendBatteryLevel". If i just change the radio to a NRF24 with the same sketch code, everything works…

    I wonder if this has anything to do with Ack collision discussed here ? It seems the fix suggested didnt get implemented yet…

    Its odd that it seems that only some info gets transmitted with the RFM69 and all of them with the NRF24...

    Thanks for any insights.

  • Did some testing today and i can now confirm that this issue with internal messages not getting delivered to the controller is now FIXED with commit 5d159a6 .

    Thanks @tekka

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