Attiny and Rfid

  • Newbie, need some advice of what to use and how to use.

    Using Attiny ? or recommendation. and I2C. Use Arduino IDE or what recommended.

    My project is for a model railroad. Rfid tags moving between locations on rolling stock. Need rfid data to show identification number from which reader (location) was used. On a readthe data put into USB outgoing

    The rfid readers are M302 type. Uses HID to pass info on read. All readers have same vid pid and no serial number.

    Looking to use say a ATTINY and I2C to receive the HID data from a specific reader, add an ID # and then pass to PC (open with focus Excel spreadsheet). This would mean a ATTINY or whatever for each reader. Looks like (to me) that I2C would be the most simple and cheapest!

    Or - have all readers on USB hub and a single ATTINY to process them all. I2C would need to be able to know number of each usb reader position on hub.

    Your comments and recommendations would be appreciated or ref to suitable place to locate info.


    Charles Harris

    New Zealand

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