I need some help regarding repeaters SOLVED!

  • So the question is , I have my minipro o/s with a humidity sensor and using the standard radio, but cannot receive signal i/s home. I have enough parts to build a repeater and install it adjacent to the o/s sensor in hopes of bouncing the signal. I have not found the required info on the learning pages of My Sensors, and so need to ask the form once again what needs to be done . Guessing it needs a sketch and anything else. what would this sketch be called ?

  • Think I found the answer in the ardunio library , once again under my sensors must have bad eyes.

  • I have set up the repeater node called repeater 2
    I wish to have o/s humidity sensor 3 which cant see the gw to report to repeater 2.
    Using the my sensors repeater sketch on lib 1.4 ver 1.4

    Not getting any action from anything.
    If I look in the work area of repeater it indicates it is clearing childs is there a step or steps missing do I need to input more info into repeater on humidity sensor here are sceenshotsScreenshot (28).png Screenshot (27).png Screenshot (29).png

  • just needed to make the repeater node the mother( or reporting to node ) in the humidity parmeters . In my case, change the node from a 0 to a 2. simple!


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