Looking for a good platform to programm webserver linked to webservices

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    My iot network is requiering development a management console based on web interface
    To control, analyse and configure

    Access to network is throuth webservices

    Any ideas of simple to start platform for this project?
    My basic idea is php with some libraries
    But may be a specially designed framework exists

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    I don't know if it will help you, as everyone has his favorites.
    For this task, at work, or for HA hobby and my gw, I use:

    (sorted by my preferences)

    For backend:

    1. Golang (for multiple reason is my favorite for these kind of micro services)
    2. Nodejs (is nice too)
    3. Python (same)

    For frontend:

    1. VueJs + HTML+CSS (for CSS I usually prefer not using big CSS frameworks, too much overhead and traps. and it is more compact when I need to embedd the webserver+frontend in an espressif mcu like my gw)
      You can also use Angular, or React (I don't know much about this one)

    For Native/hybrid app vs webapp (you'll need to know if you need a webapp which needs more work when you want a nice responsive display on mobile, or if you want a native or hybrid app)

    • Ionic or Nativescript


    • VS Code (I use it for almost all my software dev)
    • Goland (but VS Code is working for Golang)

    There are bunch of examples on github, for lot of languages as well. Never exactly as you wish, so you'll need to pick the envionment you prefer, dig and code..
    Or code from scratch, what I choosed, as it takes almost same time and fit my coding "conventions" 🙂

    I hope this helps

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    @scalz thanks a lot for comprehensive recommendation. Will take a look, all is new for me

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    I'm currently learning react.js as my new front end language. I like it so far. Also with react native you can develop native mobile apps. That's on my bucket list for the next holiday.

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