Batt/temp/hum/light/6*dig pcb for grabs

  • Can i interrest anyone in a pcb design + code for a battery powered (2*AA) sensornode for arduino pro mini 3v3? Can measure temperature/humidity by DHT22, light intensety by TSL2561 with jumpered interupt trace and 6 digital inputs (with interrupt configurable pull-up/down). Allso has voltagedevider for battery measurement. You can pin on any onewire sensor (3v3) instead of DHT22 (with same pinout) or any I2C sensor (5v) instead of TSL2561 (with same pinout), but code is written for these sensors. You're welcome to rewrite the code or write your own (just share a copy with me). Nodes are running in my home for >1 year now and work great. I'm writing this on my phone so don't have the files at hand, but if anyone is interested just reply to this post and i will post the files. Sharing is power! ✊

    Today i allso ordered the prototype pcb's for dual motion sensor/repeater with 230VAC onboard powersupply. If it checkes out i will be sharing this to.

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    @jimmy-loyens You can post your (hardware) designs on, which is the MySensors hardware site!

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