Wipe/Change serial gateway arduino

  • I have been having some communication issues and want to delete the routing table in the gateway.
    I was thinking of erasing the EEPROM and re-uploading the gateway sketch or just starting afresh with another arduino.
    Just wondering if this would wipe out all my current config in Domoticz?

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    @grumpazoid the Domoticz config is tied to what you call the gateway in the "hardware" section (and the nodeIDs of course). Wiping the gateway eeprom will not affect that so you should be fine.

  • @mfalkvidd Thanks for that clarification. I am also thinking of swapping from serial to ethernet when I have time so I can use MQTT.

  • I have my ethernet gateway up and running on a breadboard. It worked first time 😎

    If this is of use to anyone, all I did in Domoticz was go into Setup/Hardware and change the existing serial gateway to "Mysensors Gateway with LAN interface" and press update. All the sensors are then remembered as the Gateway IDX stays the same.

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