Moving sensor from one network to another may cause conflict

  • Hi

    My question is about moving sensor from one 'MySensors network' (lets call it network A) to another (lets call it network B ), ie: a friend give you one of his sensors from his network. In this scenario, the sensor still use his network A id in the network B. This may cause conflicts with another sensor with the same id in the new network...

    A solution would be to give a network some kind of hashcode to compare with a sensor at boot time (in gw.begin()). If hashcodes are different (the one stored in the controller/gateway and the one stored in the sensor), then the sensor need to reinitialize (reset EEPROM and reboot) before any other action. The hashcode may be a string of 8 characters for example.

    Add a new sub-type for internal mesage like this :
    I_NETWORK_HASHCODE with a value of 15 (?) with the comment "Hashcode used in the network to avoid conflict with others networks".

    What do you think about that ?

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