few hardware questions before I start

  • First I cant believe I not found this place before have a couple if esp8266 sensors powered on mains transformers wasn't until I looked to battery power I found you

    couple of simple questions I plan to use an orange pi pc mainly because its been sitting on the shelf for about 2 years unused is there any problems or should I use a raspberry one

    I also have 100s and I mean 100s of 18650s left over from a DIY powerwall project anyone else use these seen lots using the coin type batteries

    just set up HASS on a pi will this talk to the controller out of the box or is there an addon or config required

    basic questions just trying to get my head round my plans I,m in and out of hospital at the moment need something to keep my mind occupied

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    Welcome to the MySensors community @arden 🙂

    Orange pi is less common, and therefore has been tested with fewer configurations and fewer people have posted questions and solutions (compared to raspberry pi). Except that, Orange pi is fine.

    18650 are very big compared to coin cell, and people tend to want to build compact sensors. But 18650 is used by a lot of people.

    I have no experience with hass, but https://www.home-assistant.io/components/mysensors/ probably has everything you need.

  • thank you out of interest does each sensor need its own controller or can you have a room uno which all the sensors in that room go to
    ask as I have 3 unused unos and a mega

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    @arden - welcome! I just set up HASS with MySensors and once you get familiar with HASS its quite easy. The MySensors integration was pretty much "out of the box" and not more complicated than any other addon in HASS.

    its on controller (hass) connected to one gateway. Then you can have 255 sensors for each gateway. If you have a room and put a node there (uno/mega is fine) you can connect many sensors to each node.

  • I had some time and made the gateway on a raspberry pi in the end
    is there any reason you cant have the gateway on the same pi as the controller ?
    also wondering if Domoticz is a better option for this then hass

    Im not very invested in hass right now so easy to switch

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    @arden nice work!

    Gateway can be on the same pi as the controller. Many people use that configuration.

    Personally I use Domoticz, because it is very easy to get started with. I think Hass has more features, so in the long run Hass might be a better choice.

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