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  • Have been on ”MySensors” some time now, and have made sensors on protocol #1 (lib 1.x) and been using at Ethernet gateway that has been working fine – but not anymore. My controller is a Domoticz on a RPI.
    My first problem is of case that I need a new gateway, and it seems naturally that I move on to lib version 2.x, but can I use a 2.x gateway and then receive 1.x messages from my sensors?. I only have sensors that e.g. report temperature to my controller.
    So is 2.x gateway backwards compatible – or what do I do in practice?


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    @kurtsejr no. Every release in 1.x is backwards compatible with 1.0.0
    Every release in 2.x is backwards compatible with 2.0.0.

    2.x is not backwards compatible with 1.x.

    See for a guide on how to upgrade your sketches to 2.x, in case you decide to go for an upgrade.

  • Thanks, super and clear answer.

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