Extrenal contact from water valve on same child-id

  • Hello MySensors friends,

    I made a node to control a water valve, the valve has its own status contact which I use as status signaling in the controller (Domoticz) of the valve,
    The contact uses the same child ID as the control of the valve, in MYScontroller I see that this works well, I send the valve open, if the valve is open the status will also be set to 1, so exactly as I want it .

    Only within Domoticz does the status of the control change immediately when the button is pressed, and when the valve is open I see the status getting a trigger again, so the berict will certainly come through.

    In the Domoticz hardware settings I have already disabled ACT from this child ID.

    Does anyone know how I can adjust this so that the status does not change until the valve has actually changed position?

    Thank you in advance


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