Mysensors with RFM98

  • Hi All,

    I'm trying to migrate from RFM69 to RFM9x but need to use 433Mhz (legal in Australia). I have purchased rfm98 modules thinking they were just the 433Mhz rfm95's. I am now having issues getting anything to work.

    I have simply declared the radio as rfm95 in the gateway and relay sketch which uploads and prints debug messages without any errors. I have not done anything in the sketches regarding radio frequency because i cannot find any documentation on how to do some for the RFM9x boards, only the old rfm69.

    How should i be using the RFM98 with Mysensors? Any advice or pointers to where should be look would be greatly appreciated!

    Cheers! 🙂

  • Mod

    @dsiee you are correct that rfm98 is more similar to rfm98 than to rfm69. I don't think anyone has tried before, but I think you can use the MY_RFM95 configuration parameters for RFM98. They might be a bit improperly named, but they should apply to the entire rfm95 family.


  • Admin

    @dsiee You have to set the appropriate center frequency for your modules, i.e. for rfm98 use:

    #define MY_RFM95_FREQUENCY RFM95_434MHZ

    (RFM95_434MHZ = 433.92Mhz center frequency)

  • Thank you both! That looks exctly like what i need; I was looking in the wrong spot.


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