multiple hardware radio sensor network

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    I'am using nrf24 mqtt network on my rpi. I have now bought a rfm95 lora and want to build a gateway for handeling a rfm95 network together with my nrf24 network. is it possible to get this systems to coexist together?

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    @blom depends on what you mean by coexist.

    A MySensors network can only use one transport.

    A MySensors network always has exactly 1 gateway.

    Most controllers support adding multiple gateways.

  • @blom Hi, if you want to run two gateway on the raspberry GPIO, it is possible but it requires some configuration steps.

    You can find some info here in the forum or you can see here how I have done it for the d-diot board (check basic system and MySensors pages).

    I have used an RFM69 radio module in combination with Nrf24, but it should work also for an rfm95, if the wiring is the same.

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