Dual radio repeater?

  • Is there a way to build a repeater node with 2 radio modules? I am building a sensor network on a ship, and I want to add some sensors in the engine room. But the signal will not pass through the metal walls.
    Is it possible to build a repeater node with 2 radio modules, so I can place a radio module on both sides of the wall?

  • @lammietv200 Whether or not this is possible, you still have to pass a cable through the RF obstruction.

    If the objective is to radiate either side of a bulkhead, would two antennae tied to a matching circuit fed by a single radio module on one side not be a simpler solution ?

  • @lammietv200 If the ship is made of metal then it'll be really luckly if it works. For watertightness and fire refulations you may not be able to drill new holes in any wall/bulkhead.
    The engine room most likely has a riser or other means of getting existing power and control cables in/out. So I would start looking there and thinking of a wired node as interference will be another concern in an engine room environment.

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