802.11ax should be good for IoT

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    Let's set aside the whole issue about wi-fi security. The bigger hang-up to date has been battery life, and here are two big reasons to think 802.11ax will be a game changer:

    1. max datarate of around 9gbps. Yes, that's 9 gigabits per second. Let that sink in for a moment. Even if you're only able to achieve 10% of that datarate, that implies a remaining datarate that's still ~500x faster than the max 2mbps we're all used to with the nRF24L01. So, total time spent transmitting or receiving should be quite small. That should reduce current consumption by a lot.

    2. Scheduled wake-up times. Nodes can schedule wake up times with an AP and gets a reserved time slot. I presume it's largely "wake-up, transmit at the anointed time, immediately sleep again" with a lot less of the overhead usually associated with setting up and tearing down the communication.

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